Thursday, 22 May 2014

Discrimination I never expected!

Today has seen me experience the good and bad of English caucasian men. The good was all my rubbish was taken away for recycling and disposal. My windows were cleaned by a cheery chap who when I offered him a cup of tea said “no thanks love I’m doing next door then having my lunch”. At the Next store the garden centre man & home furnishings man was lovely. A Meatloaf fan he had “meaty” on one shoulder and the bat from “bat out of hell” on the other. He loved my shoulder tattoos (a dragon on one shoulder and a sexy water spirit on the other). We found a common like of Pink Floyd both of us having loved seeing them live. Guess who had sleeveless top on? lol
However the next store the huge Marks and Spencer in Gemini Retail Park produced an incident the degree of which I’ve not encountered for 5 years and that incident led to the perpetrator being dismissed from his job and I will do everything I can to achieve the same result again!
I went into the M&S home furnishing section to order some curtains that I’d seen two weeks earlier when I spent £1,000 with them on new furniture helped by a charming male assistant. I am a regular shopper there with Chris & Karl for clothing and foods. I have a credit card with them and I will have a tiny pension from my time with them as a graduate management trainee and departmental manager in 1972/3 payable next year. It’s so small I couldn’t be bothered to claim it “early”. A lot of the staff at the store have spoken to me and fussed over Karl.
Today I was approached by a very camp, fat, tall, caucasian male assistant who asked “may I help you” Obviously I gave the wrong answer in “yes” as clearly what I should have said was “oh no I’m not worthy as an inferior disabled woman with history to be served by such a fine upstanding camp male who’s portly figure I am in awe of”.
In all my years of dealing with Marks and Spencer I have never experienced such a surly, condescending, rude and obstructive member of staff. It included marching me to a cafe window when I wanted to see the swatch in natural light, making a loud sarcastic comment of “YOU don’t have to buy a coffee” and when I returned failing to operate the order system properly, leaning over me to read the password I needed to type in, calling me “SIR” twice which I corrected pleasantly the first time but more firmly and with a warning about his conduct the second time.
He then tried to send my order to collect at another M&S store suggesting that’s what I wanted and referring to me as MR Fox in front of 4 customers and 2 other members of staff. At which point I said “I’m sorry you are ether incompetent or stupid & I want to be served by someone else.” He then turned to a lady assistant who was clearly serving an old couple and said “Will you serve this GENTLEMAN?” That lady was his manager. He ten turned to the young male member of staff who was clearly serving another elderly couple and said “will you serve this GENTLEMAN then” which elicited a laugh from the other male assistant. I then said “go and get your store manager now as this is going to be a major complaint”.
At no point did I lose my temper but I was firm in my correction of “mis-gendering” as it’s now referred to. (Which by the way I consider to be an apologetic phrase used by LGB to justify their discrimination against women). At that stage the lady assistant revealed she was actually the departmental manager and swapped the bigot over to the other customers.
We went downstairs as I was struggling to hold it together in terms of tears which overcame me when we went to a quiet corner of their more expensive restaurant area where I was given a cup of tea and the duty manager called over. I explained the sequence and the appalling demeaning, insulting bigoted behaviour of the camp guy who “served” me.
We actually processed my curtain order and I was told that this matter would be taken very seriously and they would write to me within two weeks. I received profuse apologies but I pointed out when I was trained by M&S in 1972 homosexuality had just been decriminalized and the then chairman Sir Marcus Sieff told all of us as his trainee managers we were to discipline in the strongest terms any member of staff who showed the slightest intolerance of gays. That was their/our policy 42 years ago!
I was however a little concerned when the lady departmental manager stated she’d worked with the bigot for many years without any incident. I pointed out the one and only time I had been so badly abused before the manager of that store thanked me for complaining as they’d had issues before with the culprit and they could now fire him with impunity and I know he was dismissed as other staff told me and he never appeared again.
Now whilst I will allow them time for due process I’m not going to let this matter lie. Also if I do not get an unreserved apology plus a tangible amount (minimum £500) credited to my Marks & Spencer account I will pursue them through the courts for damages.
That bigot should be fired or if not dismissed given a final written warning for gross misconduct and removed from any customer facing role. I will use my contacts to ensure that this matter gets to the Group Director of Human Resources as I won’t allow this to be swept under the carpet. In my experience camp caucasians and asians think they can play the gay or racist card themselves for immunity from discrimination against women. I disabuse those bigots of that belief and this one will not be an exception!
I said zero tolerance after Manchester NHS attempts to destroy me and I really mean it.
Still I had my first al-fresco supper in my sunny garden tonight as well as breakfast outside this morning. I remain happy and will not allow a fat, caucasian camp bastard to spoil my enjoyment be it shopping at Marks and Spencer or anywhere else.


The M&S bigot was dismissed.

Letter to Northwards Housing the "arms length" managers of Manchester City Housing Stock.

End of tenancy in Newton Heath Manchester The keys are with Monsall Office.
As instructed by yourself I have removed all the wall screws and put filler in the holes despite the task causing me considerable pain due to my hunched back from severe ankylosing spondylitis. 
I have not filled the holes in the internal doors and architraves that I inherited from the previous  tenant after Northwards refusal to make them good when I moved in to escape the threats of violence against me from christian bigots.  I started living in the flat supremely grateful for Northwards having saved my life but I was not aware that the door issue was a sign that I would be treated so badly by Manchester Working and Northwards itself. I had intended to replace the doors, architraves and skirting at my cost but as my relationship with yourselves deteriorated I was not prepared to use my money for such tasks that you considered cosmetic.
I have however left the flat in substantially better condition than I took it. I have left the quality made to measure vertical and horizontal blinds behind as a gift to the next tenant plus the touch in paint pots should they wish to just spot paint over the filled areas and not redecorate.
The kitchen sink drain for the washing machine is not capped off so that sink must not be used until either a sealing bung is inserted or a washing machine connected, I have turned off the cold water supply. 
British Gas who supply the electricity have installed a smart meter and the consumption monitoring unit for the tenant is in the end kitchen cupboard. My final reading on electricity (taken electronically) is 05709 and any further electricity usage is NOT my responsibility.
There are some unresolved faults that I list here as I gave up on these due to Northwards tactics of dismissive bullying of legitimate tenants concerns that seem to have been particularly strongly directed at myself such that I consider your organization to be systemically prejudiced from director level down towards me personally. 
Contaminated cold water supply.
The water has an odor and bad taste. Any water spill grows mould within 48 hours. The cold tank had no lid on it when I moved in and Manchester Working stated that to clean out the tank was not possible nor economic and just supplied a lid stating it is unlikely anything is in cold tank that is integrated with the hot.
Whilst the flat is empty may I suggest you remove the tank and sterilize it.
I note you state you will replace in-feed lead pipes we identified as needed as part of cyclical improvement but this won’t cure the internal water contamination.
Carbon monoxide and exhaust gases entering flat.
Rather than replace the communal heating with individual combi-boilers you left this flat with a problem in that the gas flue from the external boiler room emits directly below the bathroom window which means the windows and vents must be kept shut. Manchester Working dismissed this as just “steam” and refused to do anything. 
As the system is always in use to fill “unnecessary”  hot tanks just for washing up in the flats (no tenant in the block has a bath fitted) then this is a problem in summer months particularly as some of the tenants just use window opening to control heat to get their money’s worth from the high weekly charge!
Wheelchair Shower Water Spillage  
This was the final insulting act of discrimination that pushed me unto making sure I moved to a professionally constructed wet room adapted bungalow that meets my disability needs as I must not risk a fall due to progressive osteoporosis. 
After the shower tiles collapsed onto my foot causing me a personal injury )I wish I’d claimed for it) you refused with an almost evangelical zeal to provide a solution to the water leakage from what is not a true wet room and requires the tenant to mop the floor after each shower use to avoid water ingress to the flat below.
The fitting of a raised edge shower base or a bath would have solved this and even though I offered to pay for that part you would not change it. The attempt at a “wet room” was installed by Manchester Working for a prior tenant who carried his disabled wife on his back up the stairs. Quite how she moved around the flat with the narrow doors I don’t know. The upstairs flats in these blocks are not suitable for wheelchair users without a stair lift installed and that assumes they could open the viscous door return mechanisms. 
I’d like to say despite the clear discrimination I made the best of it but I am more than pleased to leave. The decisions to cut back garden maintenance and street cleaning has speeded the decline of the area also due to the populations lack of work and benefit mentality causing increasing drink and drugs problem and consequential lack of respect for people and property. The last two years of steep decline in the local environment has been clinically depressing for me.

Maggie Fox

Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 update

I’ve had a bad night with my Severe Ankylosing Spondylitis (pain scale 9.5) so having taken maximum prescription anti-inflammatory and painkillers I’m indoors and bored so got reading my past blogs and gosh how things change! Should I have chronicled it all? Nah I was right to stop blogging when I did.

The blogs however probably give a false impression of where I ended up so this is a sort of update?

I’ll do it under headings:


I’ve concluded there is no god or goddess.

I don’t believe in creation by some sort of superior entity you should be in awe of.

The Abrahamic creationist god myths of Judaism, Islam and Christianity are easily the nastiest concepts you could devise and have done enormous harm to human beings. 

Religion and Equality are totally incompatible as these religions help maintain a hierarchy that is misogynistic and obsessed with sexuality.

Of the three islam is the single biggest threat to equality and deserves nothing less than total ridicule especially as it’s extremists and apologists play the racist card to hide their fascism.

For the record, I left the Quaker movement for three reasons, too royalist, too christian and too gay!


The political success of the queer gay movement has been almost total in creating an acceptable neither male nor female category (sex) for the benefit of the ruling establishment.

For adults it’s less of a problem though you still have to pretend to be suffering from an incurable mental illness to get a new birth certificate or go through the National Health Service system. 

It’s remains the best option to simply buy your way around the nonsense assuming your objective is to live in society as opposed to being condemned to the fringes of the gay scene.

With so much unfortunate “look at me” noise from the ridiculous trans umbrella which somehow has to include misogynistic drag queens with hormonally reconstituted and surgically corrected citizens there is even more pressure now on women to achieve a level of undiscoverable blending in. 

One of the umbrella myths that is perpetuated is that gay politics and transgender are mutually supportive they are not possibly by definition. Gay men like having a penis and anal sex whilst hormonally reconstituted and surgically corrected citizens spent a lot of money because they did not want that lifestyle. 

I now use the phrases penis people and vagina people to highlight legitimate concerns when heterosexual male privilege is used to support misogyny through gender.

For children Gillick Competent legal status can with the Mental Capacity Act provide a better outcome through a legal right of access to puberty delaying drugs but without financial independence to enforce this right against an establishment controlled state psychiatry perpetuating 19th century religious based views of sex it isn’t easy. It still helps if you have sufficiently wealthy and supportive parents. 

If you have access to money then the same avoid these prejudices advice apples as with an adult and you have the legal right to surgery at 16. It is a very unfortunate relic of a religious establishment that someone other than the person concerned should attempt to judge and stop an individual deciding on their own life path.

The transgender politicians and professional career transgender won’t take on children’s issues fearing a loss of popularity though I do believe a legal case will change things and I would support any child or young adult that sued for compensation if puberty delaying drugs were refused.

I’ve dome my bit by getting my Member of Parliament to obtain a letter from Great Britain’s highest legal authority confirming the right of a Gillick Competent child’s right to anonymous supply of puberty delaying drugs from their General Medical Practitioner.

Science & Medicine

I started today’s blog entry because of my own slow killer of severe ankylosing spondylitis a condition where the financial interests of the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry create a situation of high risk hit and hope medicine that defies scientific logic. 

Suggesting someone should spend their remaining years having an expensive injectable drug whose action cannot possibly work as it is designed to eradicate the effects of an antigen they don’t have probably sums up the ridiculous self interest political medicine that demands constant additional taxpayers money.

We have a medical behemoth that with it’s tick box approach has forgotten the uniqueness  of each individual human being. We must somehow stop this gravy train of unaccountable self interest, mass screenings that serve no purpose and create a system based on real hard science not socio political science.

This is not self interest as my best friend’s family have been appallingly betrayed by an  health administrative system staffed by inadequately trained medical personnel perpetuating a meaningless political target system. I will use all my skills & resources to aid them as I’m content I’ve made my optimum life choices based on the best science I can find.

I manage my condition as best I can - what more can anyone do. 

Personal Freedom

I have lived my life taking responsibility for it and not allowing others to determine my choices through their judgement. I was fortunate in this by having adoptive parents whose attitude was to do the best you can whatever you choose to be. That was the covenant between us but that’s too strong a word as I was not constrained by it other than no desire to investigate my biological parent whilst they were alive. 

I did eventually trace my birth mother and she did the right thing for herself and for me by releasing me for adoption. I discovered that my ideas of hereditary traits from someone I share 97% of my DNA with were pretty much valid proof of nature over nurture and after a couple of meetings we resumed our separate ways. 

In retirement I’ve toyed with writing a book though it wouldn’t be “it was awful then I changed my life and now it’s great” one as my reality isn’t like that. I’m pleased I stayed long enough in employment (before having my own business) to be able to supplement my state pension so that providing I stay in social housing I have almost as much income as my career non working alcoholic sponger with the junkie children neighbour. Well that is until the Government takes away my disability living allowance on my 65th birthday as then I get nothing. The irony of still paying tax in retirement so my neighbour can go out drinking on the state is not lost on me.

Given the surgically uncorrectable hunch back & twisted spine I’ve developed as a result of my severe ankylosing spondylitis my ability to blend in is compromised so that I have to take great care to avoid aggressive discrimination because of gender perception. Being forced into living in Manchester (to save my life) dies not help though I’ve determinably ensured I’m tolerated by my immediate community. At the moment I can get about in my little car though I’m going to have to get a blue badge at some stage to maintain that.

I am lucky to have one great friend who I can visit and a couple of good ones on the end of a telephone as people see me as potentially an embarrassment by association. This is something I understand and have no issues with in the same way as I understand why genetic females or heterosexual males would consider a physical relationship with a surgically corrected woman as second best. I share that view and probably what’s worse wouldn’t want a physical relationship with a fellow construct.    

So these days I live pretty much as a recluse so it’s just as well I have my music though my skills as a performer are still crap lol  

Go in peace and to yourself be true...  


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Monday, 23 April 2012

Labels that I choose

Not that long ago I used to describe myself as a Christian Anarchist. 
One of my heroines was Rachel Webb who described herself as a marxist atheist she was sued by the then conservative Government for damages for refusing as an elected local councilor to set the Poll Tax. She defended herself and was fined just £1. She took her own life in 2009 and I miss her wisdom and humour. [1]
One of my hero’s remains Peter Tatchell with whom I had an interesting conversation about wether people were born gay or not. Our joint conclusion was it didn’t matter. What matters is the label you chose not the ones others might apply to you.
Of course it goes beyond that in that no one has the right to assign others a label without their consent especially when it breaches a legally protected characteristic (perceived or real) to do so.
Of course labels bring you into contact with other people’s perception.
I chose the label Quaker and that is often perceived as Christian which is a label I’ve dropped in favour of Pagan. 
I’ve also adopted the labels Lesbian & Feminist if you saw my Pride Parade T shirt last year. 
I’m happy to let all those labels describe various aspects of me.
Lesbian is easy to explain I only fall in love with women and I have the appropriate anatomy. 
Feminist well I hate misogyny especially the gay sort and I help women to become assertive - think that explains that one.
Though for absolute clarity at Pride I also wore a T shirt graphically tick boxed saying Man - No, Trans - No, Woman - Yes. I had lesbians coming up and saying well done whilst the gay men stood there in silence!
It is important to know who & what you are even if the rest of the world pretends it cannot understand articles you write as being “too complex” - a subtle form of prejudice in some instances that. [2]
So some simple (I hope) explanations that might even improve your perception: 
I am Pagan because:
I failed in the past to reconcile science with abrahamic religion based on sin.
I failed in the past to reconcile the magical “placebo effect or faith healing” with science. 
I failed in the past to reconcile myself as a spiritual being that I knew I was with my human experience.
That all changed when I realised that if you see the planet we live on as the Mother Goddess then science & religion can be reconciled very easily.
I love the physics that proves a star had to die for the atoms that comprise a human being to be created - isn’t that just magical? (I could go on & on here.)
Things changed again when I went to America last year and I met Rev. Mother Battakes Cathryn Platine at the Maetreum of Cybele Magna Mater and she puts the mysteries rather well.
“A paradox of human nature is the simplest truths are the hardest to truly understand.  
So who then is the Mother of Gods?  Who is Cybele?  She is all of us, all that surrounds us.  She is everyone you meet, every rock you see, every tree, every plant, the stars, planets, the sun, the moon, the earth you walk on and the air you breathe.  She is the oceans, the rivers, the streams, the fish.  She is us.  She cannot exclude parts of Herself.” 
“Once you understand, truly understand through direct experience, that we are all part of Mother the "rules" of correct living and behaviour become unnecessary because harming others, harming the earth, harming any living thing is understood to be also harming yourself as part of Her.  You do not treat others as you wish to be treated because an outside force threatens you, you do so because in harming others you are harming yourself as a part of Her.  Sharing love and pleasure with others cannot be "sinful" or "contrary to Her will" for it is merely Her rejoicing in Herself in a smaller part.”  [3]
That’s why I now say I’m a Quaker Pagan.
Peace, Love & Light.
Maggie Fox.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Another article

Here is an article I wrote as a result of the public humiliation of a transsexual child by the press allegedly as a result of a press release from an NHS psychiatric hospital that considers it important that a child is forced through puberty to confirm the diagnosis of an incurable mental illness!

It is time that psychiatrists in England implement The Mental Capacity Act 2005 that states that a person (adult or Gliick Competent Child) must be assumed to have the capacity to make decisions even if those decisions may be considered irrational unless there is medical evidence that the person lacks capacity to make decisions.

It covers gender reassignment in that a person cannot be forced to accept psychiatric treatment to provide work for psychiatrists.

Monday, 3 May 2010

My final post to this blog

I am one of less than 2,500 women in the UK who have undergone gender reassignment and now have a female birth certificate. Add the condition of severe Ankylosing Spondylitis with a prevalence of about 0.1% and there is unlikely to be more than one person in my situation in the UK, let alone within Greater Manchester.

I do not have any form of mental illness.

I have achieved this despite the best efforts of HM Government Department of Health and the National Health Service. If I'd had the money I'd not have gone near the NHS as it has swallowed hook line and sinker the bogus Social Science of Gender Theory that says that men who fantasise as females are the same as those born with a birth defect of external genitalia and a female brain.

The current Government (Labour) also supports Queer politics that say it's OK for a woman to have a penis and that not accepting this is discrimination and that when you say but I have a female birth certificate they say you are discriminating against the men who haven't got a Gender Recognition Certificate. The sooner Labour get booted out the better.

Remember it was going to the European Court of Human Rights that got us the right to a new birth certificate and the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. The key word in that sentence is sex not gender!

The centre of all this absurdity is here in Manchester, England and it is a disgrace and slur on our great city.

The National Health Service continues to operate policies that directly contravene The Gender Recognition Act, The Mental Capacity Act & The Sex Discrimination Act.

As I didn't use their Gender Reassignment pathway I couldn't get it all declared illegal but someone should & sooner rather than later. (I did get them to pay for my surgery.)

The UK Equality and Human Rights Commission relegates the Gender Recognition Act to a footnote and sees itself as a defender of Queer politics. The sooner they are closed down the better.

Here are a series of three articles that the self appointed representatives of the Trans community refused to print but my friends in America did. As usual it is the USA that still has the decency to allow free speech and defend freedom.

I've finished now with all this and I move on wherever that may be.

Go in peace & God Bless you all

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Time Out called

My body is telling me I need some serious rest and my mind is telling me I must learn to relax and enjoy my life wherever the final chapters take me.

So I'm taking a break from the Quakers, Manchester & England as they've all served their purpose and it's time to move on to who knows where - well I certainly don't!

I'm starting by going to Cyprus (Paphos) where I'm renting my best friend's holiday home. I'm going on my own as I need to find out the true reaction to me without any prior knowledge. So it's a journey of self discovery I suppose. (Well I have arranged support there because of my AS but it's only that I have AS they need to know.)

I've been tidying up my affairs here and with the help of my other best friend composing a devastating response to Manchester PCT that I was tempted to call "It's time Manchester PCT stopped arguing the world is flat" I can't say more for legal reasons so I'll leave you intrigued by that LOL

I have no plans beyond Cyprus as I think this is a pivotal moment and the big decision is do I stay in England now or go to a better climate for my AS?

Finally my thoughts on the election - remember 1880 (go look it up!)

What take two parties into the Election? Nah! I just want to vote & go!